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Book cover
Daphene’s journey with her Heavenly Father includes years of low self-esteem, clinical depression, being paralyzed with fear, and several suicide attempts.

In 1990 an event occurred that changed everything. Broken relationships were restored, she had the courage to start and run a successful company for 20 years, and true love was found.

She was the twin sister of Deborah Hall who was “Miss Debbie” in the New York Times best seller “Same Kind of Different as Me”. When people heard this they wanted to know the rest of the story and she was asked to write a book.
“Our Southern Breeze” was initially written to tell the story of their lives growing up. But God had a different plan and changed the journey once more.
As she began to write using the journals she had kept through the years, a beautiful story began to emerge. It was clear that this book had a powerful message of hope, redemption, and second chances. Writing with Andrea Taylor from Dallas, TX, “Our Southern Breeze” became a reality at the end of December 2011. With the Southern Breeze that was promised to both Daphene and Deborah, God’s mercy and grace extended not only to them but to all of their family.
After speaking at an event to raise funds for Wellspring Living, a non-profit organization for women who have been lured into sex trafficking, she felt that God was leading her to minister to not only these women but all women who desperately need to hear a message of hope and healing. That healing breeze is available to everyone.

Daphene is known for her warmth, humor and exuberance, and most importantly, for her passion for helping people make positive changes in their lives.
She and her husband John Pisiona live in Suwanee, GA with their precious border collie, Hanna.

About Andrea Taylor, Ph.D
Education:  BA, M.Ed., and Ph.D

Andrea is a published author with a BA in English from Colorado State University (1987), a M.Ed. from City University in Seattle, WA (2007), and a Ph.D. in Education Leadership from Colorado State University (2009).  She is the Owner/Publisher of Third Chapter Press in Frisco, TX (www.thirdchapterpress.com).

She has taught junior and senior high school, both public and private, along with graduate and undergraduate college students, and was both founder and executive director of a non-profit alternative school for homeless youth in Seattle’s inner city (1989 – 1994).  She was project manager for a Christian curriculum publisher for over two years and has done free-lance copyediting for several other Christian publishers. 

She is currently working on four books in The Impostor People Series:  The Impostor Child – Made Not Born, The Impostor Teen – Struggling Toward Maturity, The Impostor Adult – Why We Suffer, and The Flourishing Impostor – Can It Be? The impostor topic comes from her doctoral research and dissertation, which was a scholarly personal narrative. She has done extensive research on the topic of personal narrative and loves helping others tell their story. The latest book coming from Third Chapter Press is Daphene Jones’ Our Southern Breeze—a memoir that once read will not soon be forgotten. Andrea is also a professional watercolorist.