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Reader Comments

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"Our Southern Breeze" by Daphene Jones.  I kept reading until finished!  No personal friend ever shared so much with me as this author did. One successful business women exposed her life and heart to finally triumph over a life full of rejection and depression.  It is really two stories in one involving her twin sister who was the subject of the top selling book, "Same Kind of Different as Me". The two books do go together for a full story of the lives of the twins.
- Karol Wise, Del Ray Beach, Florida

Upon completing the reading of the book, Sunday afternoon...I feel as though I took a stroll through Texas, Anaheim, CA, and Georgia, Manhattan, NY and other locations as you unveiled former episodes of your unique story!
It is more than obvious that a major incision was performed as you sought GOD on a higher level and in due season you reaped the harvest, and thank GOD you did not faint! Thank you for opening up your heart, sharing with others the painful events and the awesome victories! May others experience the "Southern Breeze"...a fresh wind and a pivotal transformation that affects them and all who are divinely connected! I am elated to have been in your presence and look forward to the "More of GOD" yet to come! 
- Comment from Panache Consignment Boutique Book Signing, Suwanee, GA

What a story you have, what a God we serve,
a life set down on paper between two covers, time and energy, laughter and tears, all just waiting for someone to pick up and open the door to a story created by God, written down by His hand.
- Monica Gundran, New Jersey

Whether you are blessed to have a flawless past full of unconditional love,  a troubled past full of misfortune, or a combination of both, you will find this true riveting story healing and prevailing.
If your past is full of God's riches you will be filled with unexplainable gratitude and a desire to reach out and "make a difference" in this hurting world as a "thank you" to those who lead you by the Lord.
If your past is showered with suffering you will learn that it is NEVER too late to wash your pain away and convert your trouble into bountiful opportunity.
My personal encounter with the lovely Daphene Jones, is proof that God really does exist and that life is in Divine Order.
My personal encounter with the brilliant  Andrea Taylor, validates that sorrow in one's past can become compassion and empathy that restores much needed love in this vulnerable humanity.
If you open your heart, you will be better off having read this triumphant story...I PROMISE!!
- Michelle Cooper, Medina, OH

Our Southern Breeze can’t help but strike a chord deep within anyone who needs a do-over at life.   Depression is healed...Broken relationships are restored...Purpose is discovered...Tears are dried.  Thank you, Daphene, for taking us along on your personal journey of transformation “before Anaheim and after Anaheim” and for showing your readers that our God is truly the God of second chances. 
- Terri Hicks, Atlanta, Georgia
Too beautiful for words - thank you for sharing these chapters with me.  I both ache and celebrate with you.  Never, ever forget not only were you lucky to have Deborah as your twin sister, but she was so blessed to have you as her sister. Your story will touch, encourage, and help heal many, who struggle with unanswered questions. And still encourage an unfaltering faith.
- Gail Walker, Atlanta, Georgia
Daphene, I love, love,  love it.  To me it is a page turner and I loved it. It's hard to believe that it is your life.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I can't wait to read the rest. Good luck! Thanks for sharing it with me. I have so many questions. I am going to wait and buy the book. Love ya and thanks again. I am very passionate about books and I think you have a great one! 
- Denise Holowchuk, Jackson, New Jersey 

I am so moved by your story and cannot wait to read the rest of the book! Again, thanks for sharing this part of your book with me and for being the light of Christ in a hurting world. May God continue to use you for His glory and bless you as you walk in obedience!
- Jane Moore

My dearest Daphene. 
I'm truly amazed at the gift you and Andrea Taylor have, and I am honored to be one of the first to read your story.  You have published a beautiful inspirational book that will touch the lives of so many people giving them hope. This is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness that leads to hope that only comes from our God.
- Kim Ward, Atlanta, Georgia

What a beautiful book
. I started reading on Monday night and I finished it by the next night. I couldn’t put the book down. For anyone who feels they have no purpose in life and there is no way out of bad decisions they have made, this book will show you the way. This story is at times deeply disturbing, very sad but also has funny episodes and Daphene bares her soul and tells the reader of the awesome healing and forgiveness that only comes from giving everything over to God.

Daphene tells such a passionate story of her final acceptance of Jesus Christ as her savior and the miraculous turnaround of her messed up life that leads to joy with her wonderful children, success in business and a love she never expected to find again in her life. Her Sister Deborah would be so pleased with how far Daphene has come. Read all about her life so far and the book will leave you wanting to follow her further. You will be blessed by this story and it will leave you wanting the kind of redemption she received and is there for us all if we only ask the one who can give it.
- Ann Gooding, Atlanta, Georgia

I've known you for over 30 years, and I have so many fond memories. You never hesitated to scoop me up and take me to church with you. I still remember sitting next to you in church (when I was just a teenager) in awe over the passion you have for God - waving your arms in the air, singing - with a huge smile on your face. I told you many years ago that "Same Kind of Different as Me" sparked something inside my heart. I've now read your story. Of all the years I've known you, I never realized the amount of pain you endured throughout your life. It's heartbreaking. Your story could have ended in so many different ways. But you fought hard, worked hard, prayed hard, and you are a faithful survivor, with quite a story to tell. I am so proud of you and so thankful to call you a friend.
- Jennifer, Apex, NC

There is no shame in doing an honest review of one's life.
There is no blame when bringing one's finding to the Lord. What is needed is the courage to do both. Daphene's book demonstrates that she has done the hard work of facing incredible pain and brokenness in her life. Her journey has taken her to some very vulnerable places within herself and beyond. God's love and Grace has been a southern breeze blowing here and there bringing healing to Daphene, her twin sister, Deborah and other members of their family. The awakening to God's presence in their lives has been like a chain reaction profoundly affecting those around them.  Daphene's book is an invitation to the reader.

I found myself doing my own life review once again while reading her story. It unearthed some of my own stuff that I let fall through the cracks in my heart and down to unconsciousness. The Lord knows everything, but we can sure hide and fool ourselves to our own detriment. The Good News is we don't have to hide from ourselves or God and when we experience this, life is good!  Daphene's life is an open book where the southern breeze gently turns the pages of her faith journey. And what a journey it is. It’s a good read.
- Barbara Holloway, Austin, TX

Your masterpiece, this book, is the most beautiful, naked and graceful story of redemption that I can ever recall reading.
  Writing is a difficult art form: to express in ones own use of speech, while keeping the integrity of both writer and story is quite a feat.  Keeping the reader deadly focused on its purpose is altogether higher calling of this art form and is a massive accomplishment.  Not only have you and Andrea managed both of these hurdles as though a seasoned professional writers, you have gently and tenderly continued to point the reader to the THE Redeemer, THE Healer, THE Creator.  For this trifold impact of beautiful literature; it bears the obvious footprint of Jesus.
- Sarah Purifoy, Dallas, TX

What an amazing true story from an amazing woman!  This will go deep into the soul of every person who reads it.  I could not put it down; I cried, laughed, and rejoiced with you.  Thank you for your transparency and vulnerability, Deborah would be proud.  The sharing of your struggles and challenges along with the victory that only God can bring is a wonderful testimony.  Our Southern Breeze will encourage, enlighten, and heal the hearts of many on their personal journey.  Through God's love, grace, and mercy and our love and forgiveness EVERYTHING is possible.  I am honored to be your sister-in-Christ and friend.  And, as for you Daphene, the best is yet to be!
- Darlene Kormano,  Suwanee, Georgia

A look at real life through Daphene’s eyes, would leave one to wonder…..”How could she survive life?” 
One bad situation after another.   How honest Daphene is with us, her readers, about the brokenness of her life.  The One who saw it all had a special plan for her life.  Through the pages of Daphene’s book, my heart was hurting for her painful circumstances.  What a joy to read how the Lord, our Savior, blew over her life a warm Southern Breeze!  I hope the readers of this book find the breeze of the Holy Spirit blowing healing and restoration through Daphene’s words into their hearts!
- Lisa, Sugar Hill UMC, Buford, Georgia

Your book is one of the most honest, poignant, moving books I have ever read. You are an amazing person and you bless everybody you meet. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being so brave- I cannot imagine how difficult it was to share your heartaches with the world. The message of love and redemption is so uplifting. I feel so blessed by your love and I am so proud that we are family.
- Katy Corrigan, San Antonio, Texas

What a book. I read it in three sittings. Could not let go!!
I knew or was familiar with just about all the people, circumstances, and places. There were some surprises and happenings that I was completely unaware that took place. Daphene, I will say this, I always thought to myself that from your Snyder days, Weaver days, depression days, loss of family times, until your encounter with God and He made you humble and you stayed bowed down for a undetermined length of time until you felt renewed, that you never really had a "shot" at living an everyday "normal" life. I understand I certainly maybe overstepping the line, but I could, without a doubt, relate to your episodes in your book by association of your life. Daphene, my utmost congratulations on your book. It was easily read and paced well over time. Best Money I Ever Spent :)!! Proud of YOU!!  Love and Luck, you deserve all you can get!!
- Bob Hale, Burleson, Texas